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Print and Media Solutions

Nowadays, numerous ways of marketing includes e-marketing, banner advertisement, print and catalog design etc. Here in e-marketing and banner advertisement, clients respond only if you have an eye on it but in most promising media of "Catalog Design" it is directly handed over to the customers who have been interested in products in past & present along with new customer. Using catalog print media, catalog will remain with them for longer period keeping your company name and products details fresh in their mind. It makes a long-term relationship with products. This is medium of marketing where your products can get publicity in the target audiences that are not at the computer.

We, at Acumen Infotech, provide high quality color consistent large format printers for exceptional quality. Whether you are in need of product brochure, catalog, business flyer, post cards, corporate identity, poster, banners and any other marketing materials we have the design and marketing expertise to deliver. Browse our Portfolio and see if you wouldn't be proud of any one of these pieces. Then be prepared to discover how affordable they all were.

Print Design for Catalogs is our speciality and we have served them to the top B2B, B2C and industrial firms around the world. Discover what these companies know - that a well-designed catalog is not only informative but memorable. It creates impact. It boosts sales. And it most certainly builds your brand.


E-Catalogue is a "simple-to-use" yet very effective way to promote and sell your products and services. By using electronic catalogues and the power of the internet, eCatalogue can improve the way you do business.

With eCatalogue, it is possible to reach specialized market niches more easily than is possible with an other marketing options. Moreover, by publishing your eCatalogue on the World Wide Web, your merchandise will be accessible to the international marketplace. With the eCatalogue ordering module, customers can transmit orders to you instantly without waiting on the phone. People pressed for time will choose to use this technology. eCatalogue also allows you the opportunity to sell your products 24 hours a day to interested customers all around the world - whenever and wherever they choose to do business.

e-catalog is specially designed for Wholesaler, Distributors, Manufacturers, Dealers or any businesses that currently selling an active list of products offline and would like to publish and market their product online. With e-catalog, you can publish all your products' details online and maintain it with ease. You can easily update at will through a web browser from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection.

E-catalogue can be a viral marketing as it can be passed on easily by email.

e-catalog comes with all the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features which help all of your product pages created using e-catalog properly indexed and get found by The GYM (Google,Yahoo & MSN). When your prospect searching for a particular keyword related to your products, your product page will actually show up!

Search is one of the most powerful interactive features the Internet has to offer. e-catalogue helps customers find their targeted products with ease without the need to browse through pages of product information. This is one of the very strong advantages which online catalogue has to offer. Drives traffic to your website.

By empowering your customer or even your potential customers by letting them freely browse through the list of products info you offer, you actually educate them about your products and services. It directly reduces the time you spend on pre-sales FAQs and generate more quality enquiry which leads to sales.

well designed & structured online catalogue can significantly boost your customer confidence in doing business with you.