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Acumen Infotech is an information technology company providing Custom Software development and IT Services.Websites created by us are developed by professionals to the highest quality.

Our clients count on us for seamless, innovative solutions to mission critical custom software development and website development challenges. Long-side being a Custom Website Design & Web Development Company, we are specialized in offering sophisticated IT solutions at an affordable price. The rich repertoire of services on offer from us includes comprehensive Internet-based solutions too.

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KVPS Directory

This is the community of Kanam and Vakad Patidar from Gujarat, India now living in Midwest of The United States. The community has been growing at very fast rate since last ten years. It has been very fortunate to be led by years of talented leaders.

Kanam Vakad Patidar Samaj is a gradually developing community and yet very promising society. The society will definitely evolve, diversify and extend its reach and coverage. The future of the society is very bright. kvpsdirectory.com helps community people to be in touch while living anywhere in world.

  • http://www.kvpsdirectory.com


At topadorn.com we offer planning tools and unlimited resources. Our Marketplace is a truly unique addition to both your wedding and your planning process. Topadorn.com is set up to help brides and grooms to reduce stress and keep control of their plans and finances whilst they organize their wedding.

With topadorn planning tools you can keep track of all the details and collaborate with your bridal party, family and friends on invites, schedules, addresses, and more.

  • http://www.topadorn.com


CatalogDigi recreates the look and feel of actual books or magazines on the screen. Our technology allows you to convert your printed material into a unique digital content experience. And much more.....all kind of multimedia content like video and audio and forms are supported.

Allows our customers to reduce printing and distribution costs and increase market exposure by reaching the areas where it's hard to sell or distribute printed material.

  • http://www.catalogdigi.com

Nursery Findo

Nursery Findo is one of the UK's best Childcare website helping parents find the best possible care for their children.Our website helps parents to search for available childcare in their areas ,judge the nurseries environment looking at the videos provided and also the ofsted ranking.

At Nursery Findo we value parents emotions.Nursery Findo not only searches for nurseries but it also help with recommending your the best nursery for you child.

  •  In Development
  • http://www.nurseryfindo.com